You Can Now Tune And Delete A L5P Duramax From Home! *Watch Before This Video Gets Taken Down*

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This man has been risking everything for years for us to use our trucks to their full potential, thank you again. Currently have an 07.5 LMM, had it for about 6 months now and love it, came from an lb7 and i like the lmm but the lb7 still holds a place in my heart


Thank you so much Josh for taking the time and risking so much just to help the everyday person enjoy their investment. I’ve learned so much from watching your channel in so many ways. I respect you as a content creator and as a fellow American and family man. My 11 LML is going to be getting some goodies here soon I still need to remove my EGR but it’s sketchy due to not being able to get full bundle kits with a Y Bridge that I need. I know you probably hear it alot but I would pay to have you, mark and Ryan teach me on all you guys know. Building and wrenching on these trucks is a hobby and healthy outlet for me in so many ways and I love to learn. Again thank you so much and stay safe my friend.

Thanks to you from all of us small tow farmers and mechanics for all of your great content. I am 16 drve a 2007 lbz duramax ccsb 4×4 with 400000 miles on it and love it. i am currently in the process of permenantley fixing the egr with a full y bridge and everything. I probably wouldnt have been able to figure it out as well as i have without wathing your videos.

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