Turbo AWD UGLY Chevy Silverado vs 700 Horsepower Ford lightning!

Miguel Perez in his very ugly AWD Turbo Silverado “Lady Bug” vs EL Memo 700 horsepower Ford Lightning!      

GIANT 102mm Turbos – Most INSANE Camaro EVER?

This classic looking Camaro WILL fool you at first sight! The front mounted turbos will reveal some but far from all the potential this car got! With a tune set on kill this rad ol’ hot rod takes down some of the big dogs in the fastest radial class there is, Radial Vs the World!… Continue reading.

Monsters on the Beach

Trucks/Drivers: Dawg Pound/Vern House Dirt Crew/Jerry Beck Quad Chaos/Aaron Cain Brutus/Brad Allen (Broken for Racing) Hooked/Bryan Wright Heavy Hitter/Derick Anson Stone Crusher/Steve Sims Avenger/Jim Koehler    

Super Clean Nitrous S10 goes ALL THE WAY UP!!

A little bit of nitrous purge and its away we go!      


The OPEN and SUPER PRO mud bog classes provided some of the fastest action in the mud the southwest has ever seen…including a 2.727 second pass in the 200ft mud pit by Lethal Injection! The drivers left with a respectable payout & trophies, and the crowd left muddy with smiles on their faces. Tequila’s Event… Continue reading.

Drone VS. 1000+HP Corvettes

This drone operator was doing some acrobatics while trying to keep up with these Corvettes.    

Inside the Transmission of an NHRA Pro-Stock

Gray Motorsports gives a quick run down on the Liberty 5speed found in their ProStock cars, via Team Valvoline.


A look back at some of the scariest crashes we have seen over the last 16 years, including 2 clips from our good friend Teddy at Teddy Bear Productions. All of the drivers were OK or made a full recovery. Race safe!  

Unbelievable Drag Races

People will race anything nowadays! Here are come pretty cool matchups!

Legal Race Turns Into a Fight

All this guy wanted was a clean race but it didn’t go that way. Bumping is allowed but it’s usually frowned upon as soon as it happened the fight was on!

Chevy LSX Powered CHALLENGER – 106mm Turbo!

How to make a Challenger fast? Swap a Chevy 427 LSX small-block, add a 106mm turbo, and a 3 speed transmission, and BOOM! You’re done..well sorta. Just ask this Mopar owner, he’s pushing his 4,000lb Challenger to low 8 second quarters with PLENTY of room to go!

Duramax vs. Cummins – Kid got Cocky Way Too Fast

45 mph rolling start. Ccsb lb7 Allison vs single cab 12 valve 5 speed.

Twin Turbo Camaro vs Alpha Ronin GTR vs UGR Aventador

Some intense racing with some 1000+hp cars! TT Camaro, Alpha Ronin GTR, and a UGR TT Lamborghini Aventador hit the streets of Mexico hard with some 180mph+ pulls! Mods: Camaro SS – CMS 1200 Package, Twin Garrett 35rs, E85, and on stock bottom end! R35 GTR – AMS Alpha Ronin Package, MS109 Race Gas! Lamborghini… Continue reading.