Snap On EPIQ Toolbox Tour

It was a huge day for us when our Snap On EPIQ tool box arrived so we’d figure it would be cool to give you a tour of it.

Watch with us as we get it all sorted out and even hide a kid somewhere in it!


Snap On History

In 1920, a cultural shift was underway in the United States as the automobile was rising in popularity, creating the need for an emerging automotive repair industry. Joseph Johnson, an engineer from Milwaukee, had an idea that would revolutionize repair and make work easier for professional mechanics. 

Five unique handles and ten sockets that snapped on interchangeably, coined “Five do the work of Fifty,” launched a company that would shape an industry. 

Joe and his co-worker, William Seidemann, spent weekends using crude bending jigs and pure muscle to fashion two sample sets of five handles and ten sockets. Using only these demo sets and brochures, Johnson and Seidemann generated over 500 C.O.D. orders. With this initial success, the Snap-on Wrench Company was formed. Johnson and Seidemann sought out the expertise of Stanton Palmer and Newton Tarble to market and sell their product. They would quickly leave their mark with groundbreaking ideas such as the “magic” green cloth and direct-selling. Production was ramped up with the opening of a 2,500 square foot manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, WI, and the first 500 orders were filled within six months

Source: Snap On Tools

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