Sick Week 2024 – The Winner Is…

Sick Week 2024

This was another action packed event of fast cars and good times.

From 1320: We’re back here in Orlando for the FINAL day of Sick Week! After the longest drive of the trip the night before, many people did not make it back. Most of those who did, planned on making a sad pass and then turning it up to see what their cars can do! This led to some pretty wicked passes and records! The chaos has finally come to an end for this epic event.

Sick Week Day 4

Day 4 of Sick Week 2024 is upon us all the way in South Georgia! It crazy to have seen some racers have such great weeks, while others are SUFFERING. In this video you’ll see some sketchy passes, personal bests, people wrenching their cars LAST MINUTE to get a pass in, and some fun on the road. Only one more day left in Orlando!

Sick Week Day 3

Sick Week has taken an unexpected turn! We’ve got a battle for 1st place but the car with the top spot is very unexpected! Find out why in the video. 🙂 In Gainesville we also experienced the classics ups and downs in a drag and drive. Some hitting their numbers and getting on the road, and many other blowing up or experiencing some other catastrophe at the track and on the road. We’ll see who makes it to Georgia for the next day of competition!

Sick Week Day 2

Sick Week Day 2 brings on the hardships for these racers. Not only were there some troubles on the road, but the real troubles were at the track. Plenty of cars breaking during their runs and those who did run successfully had a hell of a time doing so. Many of the big power cars made pass after pass trying to get a clean run. We hope tomorrow some good luck comes their way!

Sick Week Day 1

Sick Week Day 1 is upon us! We saw a lot of FAST passes yesterday and PLENTY of sketchy ones. Tons of oil downs caused the track to run later than scheduled which means we got on the road after the sun set! So our beach drive wasn’t too scenic to say the least. It’s getting messy as drag and drives usually do. We cannot wait to see what other crazy things we see for the remainder of the week!

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