Should GM Go With This Render?

Chevy has gone through several big design changes and each one getting bolder than the last. This rendering though, is the boldest of them all.

The front of the truck is dominated by a black grille and a large black Bowtie badge right in the center. Wilkins has then conceived thin LED daytime running lights positioned just beneath the shut line of the hood. Separate LED lights are then featured on either side of the grille and flow down vertically before jutting out horizontally. Small turn signals are found both on the sides of the grille and at the base of the sharp air curtains.

Elsewhere, the truck has been imagined with a rugged steel lower bumper and skid plate to ensure it’s up for the task of some off-roading.

The bold design continues along the sides. For starters, there are a pair of eye-catching wing mirrors as well as squared-off wheel arch extensions. Striking lines and creases dominate the shape of the designs while a set of bold wheels and off-road tires are also visible. Wilkins also imagined the truck with door handles that sit flush with the car.



  1. Tone the aggressiveness down a bit…, and make it a bit smaller overall. Refine it, but, keep power in it 6.2 or more

  2. Looks wild, muscular, and way too expensive. It needs to be toned down a bit… Buyers do like to drive for pleasure on a highway, and to climbing rocks for pleasure. I’ve owned a 2004 SS, and now a loaded 2016 6.2 LTZ Z71 4×4… luxury, capable, powerful, and no need to make them more expensive.

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