Ridetech Fox Body IRS – SEMA Release

Ridetech Fox Body IRS

Ridetech Fox Body IRS – SEMA 2023 Release

It’s no secret that independent rear suspensions are superior in almost every way over a stick axle. The biggest concerns are cost and ease of installation. This Ridetech IRS Conversion system is specifically designed for the 1979-1993 Fox Body Mustang, is 100% bolt-on, and utilizes 2015-2023 Mustang driveline/brake components to provide high strength and OE reliability.


•Bolt-in design requires minimal trimming

• Lowers stance approximately 2”

• Retains factory track width

• Allows for mini tubb

• Lower roll center (5”)

• 50% anti-squat

• Zero bumpsteer

• Works with coilovers or shockwaves

• Premium ride quality

• Sports car handling

• Camber gain approximately 1 degree/inch

• Uses S550 (2015+) Mustang differential (not included)

• Uses shortened S550 Mustang axles (not included)

• Uses S550 Mustang hubs (not included)

• Works with 99-04 Cobra cat-back exhaust

• Allows direct bolt-on of either SN95 or S550 rear brakes

• Reduced unsprung weight

Part # 12127099 $4,500

SEMA New Products – https://ridetech.com/sema-2023-new-products/

Other Ridetech Products for the Fox Body Mustang

The new Ridetech bolt-on coil-over or air suspension for the 1979-1993 Ford Mustang is a game changer. We went all-in and developed a ground up re-design to provide all the right suspension geometry that enables the Fox Mustang to bite as well as it barks.

Delivering unmatched grip and handling while still providing an improved ride quality over factory… with enough adjustment for even the hardcore track machine to eat away at the competition. Available with either coil-overs or Ridetech Shockwave Air suspension options, the kit includes Fox Shocks, all new design upper and lower front control arms, new spindles, and swaybar.

In the rear, an all new multi-link system that utilizes our composite lined R-Joints will keep the car hooked-up under the hardest launches and most aggressive cornering.

Read more – https://ridetech.com/new-1979-1993-fox-body-mustang-suspension-system-redefining-what-is-possible/

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