OTG Boss F100 is Red and Bad!

Rescued from a field for a low price of $2500, this Ford F100 has some a long ways.

Powered by a 5.0 Coyote V8, the painted it up and put a Boss 302 intake on it to make it prettier! But, it’s also screaming loud with a Vortech supercharger easily putting it over 600hp.

This F100 gets laid out with AccuAir’s e-Level making everybody snap their necks. The bagged chassis has been worked to accommodate wheels measuring 22×9-inch in the front and 24×14-inch in the rear with 405-width tires. Unbelievable!

The interior wasn’t left out and it’s usually the most important part except for under the hood. It’s laid out nicely and makes the complete package.

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