Oregon Passes Tougher Anti Street Racing Bill

Senate Bill 615 increases penalties for street racers, gives law enforcement more power

Oregon anti street racing bill
Oregon anti street racing bill

The penalty for anyone convicted of street racing would be set to a maximum of 364 days of imprisonment, a $6,250 fire or both. Repeat offenders within five years can be sentenced to five years imprisonment, a $125,000 fine or both.

“Street racing is dangerous for racers, other road users, and pedestrians,” said Senator Chris Gorsek, who sponsored the bill, in a statement. “Increasing the options available to law enforcement, such as locking up speed racers’ cars, will deter this reckless and dangerous activity and save lives.”

The bill also allows law enforcement to seize street racers’ cars using criminal forfeiture.

“Fast and Furious should be in our theaters, not on our streets,” said state Senator Mark Meek “This legislation will protect families and make Oregon safer for everyone.”

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