Mike Copeland’s Hydrogen-Powered 1948 Chevrolet

If you didn’t notice the large fuel tank in the bed, this 1948 Chevrolet pickup truck would just be another clean-cut, supercharged LS-swapped cruiser. And that’s where you’d miss the entire point. Built by Mike Copeland of Arrington Performance and Diversified Creations, “Zero”, as the truck is known, is a rolling testbed that is proving that an internal combustion engine doesn’t have to emit pollutants…or be yet another commuter-car special.

How does hydrogen power work?

Hydrogen can power a car through a fuel cell, which converts hydrogen into electricity. In a fuel cell-powered car, hydrogen gas is fed into the fuel cell stack, where it reacts with oxygen from the air to produce electricity, which powers the vehicle’s motor. The only byproducts of this reaction are water vapor and heat, making hydrogen a clean and environmentally friendly fuel source for vehicles.

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