RC ADVENTURES – Working on my ’76 Chevy K5 Blazer – What Tire will I Use?! Axle Swap

Today I get a chance to swap out the axles and select new tires for the season. I was using this truck as an experimental puller – but as the snow has now fallen in the winter, I want to take this rig out trailing! The truck I am working on is an RC4WD trail finder 2, with a two stage transmission, and all steel driveline. I am looking forward to taking the topper off of my rig.. but I will do that reveal in the next episode where I feature this truck. For those viewers who wonder, this truck is 1/10th scale and is electric powered. Though I can put 22 volts (a 6s Lipo), I am currently running a 11.1v 3s Lipo. The power block (esc) I am using is a Tekin RX8, that has been modified to fit, and it is powering a T8 gen 2 Brushless 1/8th scale truggy/buggy motor. It is a true POWER HOUSE!