2020 Ford Bronco Expected To Get Aluminum Construction

The next generation of the model is expected to come on the market as a 2020 model year vehicle. We already know that the Blue Oval wants to build the next Bronco in its facility in Wayne, Michigan. The story was confirmed by the chairman of UAW Local 900, Bill Johnson, after a discussion before the American presidential elections.

Ford’s next Bronco will be built alongside the next-generation Ranger, and both models replace cars like the Focus and C-Max in the Wayne factory. The two vehicles are supposed to share a platform, which will be a body-on-frame configuration. While some of the underpinnings of these cars will not be identical, we do know that Ford will use more aluminum than ever before.

The next generation Bronco might not get all of the powertrains that will be available in the Ranger offering, but it should get most of its gasoline units. We expect to see a significant part of the EcoBoost line in the offer of the 2020 Bronco, and a hybrid version should not be dismissed.

In either case, Ford might not sell the Bronco with all-wheel-drive as standard. The Blue Oval might change its decision on the topic by the time that the 2020 Bronco comes to market, though. We already know that the model will get Ford’s latest multimedia systems available at the time, while the design of the vehicle is still under wraps.