Holley Off-Road LS Engine Swap Oil Pan Kits With Rock Shield

GM’s LS engines are a popular choice for a wide range of vehicles, but swapping them into non-traditional rides can be a challenge. Holley’s LS 4WD Off-Road Engine Swap Oil Pan is designed to offer ample clearance for Chevy K10 chassis and other 4WD LS swap applications. Holley’s Oil pan delivers OE-style fitment for durability and sealing. 

Compatible with a variety of popular transmissions: SM465, NV4500, TH350, TH400, 700R4, 4L60-4L70, 4L80, 6L80, and 6L90. The oil pan includes sump baffle, pick-up tube, pick-up o-ring, oil filter stud, and oil passage cover.

With its clean cast aluminum appearance and vertical baffles featuring one-way trap doors around the oil pump pick-up, it’s an effective solution for those looking to swap LS power into their 4WD rigs. Holley even offers optional off-road accessories like a hinged door baffle and rock shield to safeguard LS engine.

Learn More – https://www.holley.com/products/engine/oil_pans/engine_swap_oil_pans

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