GM making electric conversion Crate Engines

GM making electric conversion Crate Engines

Chevrolet has announced they will be providing an electric crate motor to the public, although it offers less power and torque than Fords kit. GM’s electric “Connect and Cruise” eCrate is sourced from the Chevrolet Bolt and makes 200-horsepower and 266 lb-ft (360 Nm), with a 60-kWh battery pack. That’s pretty snappy in a light Chevy Bolt, but with any larger heavier vehicle, you’ll need to connect this to a stock transmission, and…the good news is that the eCrate uses the mating interface of the modern popular “LS” family of engines and transmissions.

The kit comes with an inverter to power the drive-motor, a DC-to-DC converter to power the 12V-systems, as well wiring harnesses and pumps for the battery heating and cooling. The 800V battery pack for the Chevy eCOPO is made from four 200V modules in series from XALT Energy, just like the Ford above it.

To see a closeup of the Chevy Bolt motor internals in the video below, fast forward to the 49:00 mark to see the rotor, and then the stator is shown just after that.

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