Ford Offering $1000 to Jeep Owners Who Buy a Ford Bronco

Ford Bronco

Known as the Jeep Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash offer, Jeep owners in certain regions can now qualify for up to $1000 off the price of a Bronco or Bronco Sport, per a report by Ford Authority.

According to CarsDirect, the program marks a change in Ford’s strategy surrounding the Bronco models, which have not been the recipient of similar discounts thus far in their production run. The full-size model in particular is still commanding high prices on showroom floors, and dealer markups remain par for the course for many buyers. That won’t be the case for current Jeep owners in a number of regions across the U.S., where Ford will lay down $1000 towards the purchase of a new Bronco product.

In order to qualify for the program, a buyer simply needs to own a Jeep no older than the 1995 model year. You don’t have to trade in or sell your Jeep to qualify, and the deal can be transferred to any individual whose official address is shared with the Jeep owner. That makes this a rather generous and flexible offer from Ford, though how much impact it actually has remains to be seen.


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