Riding In Mike Finnegan’s 11.7 Liter Twin Turbo BIG BLOCK Jet Boat!!! (Nearly 2,000 Horsepower)

  Shout out to Mike Finnegan for taking us out on the lake! Stay tuned for Hovercraft Shenanigans

(How to) HyperDip/Plasti Dip Your Emblems

In this video I give my steps to plasti dip your emblems using the new hyperdip right out of your garage, these steps gives you the full rundown from what to use all the way through to how to use it. This video is very detailed and educating for first time users with dipyourcar.com products,… Continue reading.

What Happens When You Put Nitrous In A 2017 Turbo Yamaha FZR?

  Nitrous FZR Pulls hard at over 100+ mph built by boosting performance crazy fast! Sea-Doo Rxp-X 300 Goes 90 all motor no NOS.    

Over 1600 Cars, Pickups, Trucks, Vans, Trailers

  Rustless In Montana a partnership formed in 2017 Cut Bank, Montana to purchase and resell much of the inventory of Jim’s Auto, a salvage/wrecking yard. Jim and JoAn Printy started the yard and acquiring vehicles west of Cut Bank in 1967. From a small 1 acre yard they have accumulated over 1600 cars, pickups, trucks,… Continue reading.

Jet Ski Water Fight Lake Powell (Arizona / Utah)

  Just a Lake Powell jet ski water fight with two BRP Sea-Doos and a GoPro Hero 4 Black…      

Predator 670cc Off Road Go Kart First Ride

We finally get to see the 670cc off road go kart run. This thing has a ton of power and is going to get a lot more. Make sure to comment, like and subscribe to see this thing in action with even more power.       


During Go Topless Weekend in Crystal Beach, TX, an R/C Jeep crawler with a GoPro mounted on top came rolling by in the beachside convoy. This little guy definitely earned a Jello shot for cool points!      

2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 vs. 2017 Ford Shelby Mustang GT350R – Head 2 Head

Watch as Motor Trend driver slings both of these are the track. There is nobody better and pushing cars to the limits and back!      

Fidget Spinner vs. 850psi (didn’t end well)

We sprayed a fidget spinner with NITROUS and it went BOOM!      

Overpowered Electric Go Kart has TOO MUCH TORQUE (54 FT-LB!)

Overpowered Electric Go Kart has TOO MUCH TORQUE (54 FT-LB!)      

AWD 4-Engine Go Kart RUNS: Rear Engines & Gussets

We got the two rear Predator 212s mounted to “complete” the AWD go kart! It still has a ton of bugs- the chains keep falling off, the steering is sketchy, but it’s really fast… when it works.      

Why My Lug Nuts Cost $600

Some say there’s a little bit of Bald Eagle DNA within their titanium blend!      

COPS Bust Burnout! SH*T GETS REAL!

Doing burnouts on the street isn’t exactly appreciated by the local police force…as we found out. We hopped in an Australian Commodore to burn down some spare tires these guys had laying around when all of the sudden, Cops show up to bust the party!      

Offroading & Recovery’s GONE WRONG Compilation 🔴 (DIESEL EDITION)

This compilation features some of the hidden videos on the interwebz on people trying to do good deeds and failing or people whomest’ve simply think daddies money and some tires will make a work truck great at offroading.     

Stunt Driving Battle | Dude Perfect

It’s time to get drifty!    

Citizen Pulls Cop Over, Gives Warning.

Gavin Seim pulls over a Grant County WA deputy for an unmarked car violation.      

Bugatti Through a Car Wash??

FIRST TIME EVER you see a Bugatti washed like that! A few other Lamborghini’s came in behind it as well.       

Rogue Wheel Crashes into Pharmacy

A wheel becomes dislodged from a moving vehicle and crashes into a pharmacy. The wheel perfectly enters the building through an open door before hitting two people inside. What are the chances!      

Diesel Truck Does SAVAGE Burnout On Top of Cars!

Cleetus and Car just wouldn’t be savage enough without some DEMOLITION DRAG RACING!… and a freaking monster truck running over some cars!