Hear That Hemi: Bringing A 1970 Hemi Cuda Back To Life – Detroit Muscle S8, E7

  NEW 2021 Episode! HEMI ‘Cuda, need we say more? The Detroit Muscle crew tune up a rare 1970 HEMI Barracuda for its busy owner. We wake the elephant sleeping under the hood, and take a joy ride!

3000HP Turbo Street Viper! Air Shifted Sequential + 400 Shot Nitrous (2400lb-ft OF TORQUE)

  On this episode we feature some of the baddest street vipers on the planet! Calvo Motorsports brought an army of Vipers to TX2K21 with the most wild setup making over 3000WHP! These vipers run massive precision turbos and spin to over 8500RPM running Manley Performance internals. Strap in and enjoy these insanely fast American… Continue reading.

The Cummins Mustang is Ready to Race

  My favorite part was seeing all of those old guys at the Ford Dealership giggling like little kids!