C10 Nationals 2023 In Texas

The C10 Nationals for 2023 in Texas Was the Place to Be

The C10 Nationals is a car show and truck show that takes place annually in the United States. The show is dedicated to Chevrolet C10 and GMC C/K trucks, and it is the largest of its kind in the world.

The C10 Nationals was founded in 1997 by Jim and Judy Jones. The Joneses were both C10 owners, and they wanted to create a show that would celebrate the classic truck. The first C10 Nationals was held in Plain City, Ohio, and it attracted over 1,000 trucks.

The C10 Nationals has grown significantly in the years since its inception. In 2019, the show attracted over 10,000 trucks from all over the world. The show is now held at three different locations: Texas Motor Speedway, Nashville SuperSpeedway, and Utah State Fair Park.

The C10 Nationals is more than just a car show. It is also a celebration of the classic truck lifestyle. The show features a variety of events, including truck shows, swap meets, and concerts. The C10 Nationals is a great place to meet other C10 owners, learn about the history of the truck, and find parts and accessories for your own truck.

Here are some of the events that take place at the C10 Nationals:

  • Truck Show: The truck show is the main event of the C10 Nationals. Trucks are judged in a variety of categories, including show quality, custom, and restoration.
  • Swap Meet: The swap meet is a great place to find parts and accessories for your C10 truck. There are hundreds of vendors selling everything from new parts to vintage collectibles.

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