340-HP 3.6-Liter Four-Cylinder with an LS Head

The block is rugged and designed for high-torque continuous use in extreme environments. We then slightly altered the block to successfully mate with our Blueprint Engines LS head.” Blueprint brought the engine to see if there’s a market, and they were flooded with ideas from attendees, including swaps into S10 trucks, early Jeeps, circle track cars, and more.

f configured for a performance application, this bore and stroke combination could produce well over 300 horsepower and nearly 500 lb-ft of torque. The Blueprint Engines 3.6-liter will accept any standard GM bellhousing, so the swap possibilities are endless.

Blueprint Engines 3.6-Liter Four-Cylinder LS Specs:

  • 4.125-inch bore
  • Max bore 4.185 inches
  • 9.145-inch deck height
  • 4.05-inch stroke
  • Coil-near-plug-ready
  • Cam Sensor
  • Crank Sensor
  • Could also run a distributor
  • Additional capacity water jacket
  • High-capacity water pump, capable of 38+ GPM
  • 5.7, 4340 connecting rods, tapered pin end
  • 351 Windsor main bearings
  • SBC rod bearing
  • SBC cam bearings
  • Current crank is nodular iron
  • SBC one-piece RMS-style flywheel flange
  • Uses SBC flywheels or flexplates
  • Uses SBC starter

Source: Motortrend.com

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