2024 Mustang Twin Turbo Kit by Hellhorse Performance

2024 Mustang Twin Turbo Kit

Ford just released the supercharger kit option for the 2024 Mustang GT and now Dark Horse is showing off their twin turbo kit.

The new Hellhorse 2024 Mustang twin turbo kit works with both the GT and Dark Horse models that have the 5.0 Coyote engine and rated to produce upwards of 1,650 horsepower.

2024 Mustang Twin Turbo Kit

The Hellhorse kit comes with a pair of Comp Turbo triplex ball-bearing oil-less turbos, 45mm wastegates, custom 1 3/4″ headers, an air-to-air 6″ race intercooler, 3″ turbo dumps, oxygen sensor extenders, lines, clamps, and everything needed to complete the installation for $14,000.

2024 Mustang Twin Turbo Kit

Now for the bad, installing this kit requires aftermarket tuning support, which isn’t yet available, and it’s designed for track use only and isn’t road legal under the Clean Air Act. But, we’re sure that it won’t take long for this to change.

Source: https://hellhorseperformance.com/products/hellhorse-mid-mount-twin-turbo-kit-2024-mustang-gt-dark-horse-1500-whp-rated

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